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    Mobile technology can improve the quality of decision-making by health workers worldwide and improve the health-care received by millions of people.

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    We work with D-tree International to develop and deploy highly usable decision support applications for health workers worldwide.

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    Health delivery can be unburdened from bureaucracy since electronic medical records are a by product of giving good care by the methods we are proposing.


In large areas of the world, the provision of health care is inadequate. One reason is the lack of requisite clinical knowledge where it is needed, particularly in remote rural areas.


Every year around the world, 6.6 million children in developing countries die before they reach their fifth birthday. The large majority of these deaths are from preventable causes.

The proliferation of mobile technology reaches into these rural areas and offers to be transformative in many ways. A radical idea is to provide supportive mobile software, able inexorably and consistently to apply the logic of best practice care guidelines. That’s what inspires us, and this is where we innovate.

300million women are currently living with health problems and disabilities caused by complications of pregnancy and childbirth.


The Logic of Care

Together with D-tree International , we are not just creating apps, we are creating systems to be embedded within health systems.

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    Clinical Guidelines

    Existing care guidelines may be more or less well defined and collected together in documents. Otherwise, there may also be the need to research and document accepted...

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    Guidelines can only be used in software if their underlying logic can be formalized. Using Mangologic, we configure questions, and conditional logic depending on the...

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    Validate and Test

    It is vital that we are able to validate and test the result. We can do that in Mangologic, which also supports the validation process via simulating thousands of...

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    Deliver on Mobile Device

    The logic of the guidelines is then executable within an interactive application on the mobile device, without the need for any “encoding” or programming of...

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    Electronic Medical Records

    The  OpenMRS data model  provides a starting point for considering how patient data might be represented. Our context is different – e.g. synch needs to be quick...

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    We need synchronization between device and server, since we need patient records to stay on the device.  We can’t assume nurses and CHWs have network...

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    Data is not the goal, good care is the goal. But synchronization means the health system can see immediately what is happening in clinics. More information should...

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    Remote Device Management

    It is important that we are able to support users in remote locations without needing to visit them. Therefore, we are developing and applying software which allows us...

Mango logic

Mangologic is Things Prime's powerful system for specifying and maintaining conditional and procedural logic. The specification happens at a high level, high enough for non-programmers to do it. But with Mangologic, the specification is also the program: the logic is automatically transformed into interactive software. (Look, no hands!) More


D-tree International is an NGO whose ambition is to transform health care worldwide. We share D-tree's vision entirely and work together as one. We share their vision, they (we) use Mangologic. Where the vision and the software stop and start is unclear and irrelevant. The only boundary we are interested in is the one we are trying to expand together: the currently very constrained boundary of where in the world good health care can be obtained.

  • Child Health (Facility)

    The Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) Chartbooklet from the WHO contains the clinical algorithms, information and instructions on how to provide care to sick children aged 2 months to 5 years.

  • Child Health (Community)

    Community Case Management (CCM) ensures the assessment, classification and treatment of sick children through trained community-based health workers (CHWs) as a complement to facility-based services

  • Maternal Health

    99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries. D-tree and Things Prime are working to develop applications which strengthen care across the spectrum of ante natal, peri-natal, and post-natal

About Things Prime

An innovative software company, founded in August 2000, based in the Black Forest university town of Freiburg im Breisgau, collaborating with D-tree International, based in Boston, Washington, Dar es Salaam and Lilongwe.

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